Welcome to Smart Solutions!

We’re a fully licensed and insured Smyrna-based wildlife exclusion and pest control company that’s uniquely positioned to meet your needs. Whether your problems are big or small, new or recurring, with Smart Solutions on the job, you can be confident we’ll properly and professionally handle it.

Our Background, Training & Experience Allows Us To Offer A Smarter, More Effective & Inclusive Solution To Wildlife & Pest Control

Our Pest Control & Construction Experience

We have over 20 years of pest control experience and our nationally trained pest biologists specialize in the humane removal and deterring of invasive insects and pests. We understand the behavior of insects and know how to safely remove them from your home or business.

But our experience and service doesn’t end with the removal of insects. We also have an extensive background in construction, reaching back 20 years. Our construction knowledge and experience includes remodeling, renovating, and building both residential and commercial properties in the Metro Smyrna area, so you can count on us to properly repair damage caused by wildlife and insects.  We restore attics and crawlspaces in your home or office. All of our repairs are made with quality materials that are built to last and field tested to keep animals out, without negatively impacting the structure.

This combined experience gives us the ability to tackle a wide variety of pest control problems. From removing the insects and sanitizing the space they have inhabited to repairing the damage they caused and sealing all entry points against future entry, we do it all so the problem is properly dealt with.

Our Training & Education

Our staff is nationally trained and we stay up to date on the latest technologies by providing continuing education to every team member through our memberships with the National Wildlife Control Operators Association and the Georgia Pest Control Association. We’re not exterminators; we’re experts who offer humane and effective solutions that are guaranteed to address the animal or pest problem from every angle.